Medical Weight Loss

Super MICC

The Super M.I.C. Injections are fat burner injections with vitamins B6 and B12. The injections are designed to reduce weight, increase energy MICC inj sheet. Super M.I.C. Injections are a combination of B12 and/or B6 vitamins and amino acid compounds.

Aside from weight loss, there can be many benefits from the use of Super M.I.C. Injections. Super M.I.C. Injections are formulated to enhance liver function, which helps detoxify the body, increase metabolism, and store glycogen, the principal storage form of glucose. A healthy liver also secretes bile more effectively, which in turn aids in digestion and the breakdown of fats. Many weight-loss experts believe that MIC + B12 injections boost the immune system by stimulating the growth of antibodies, which detect and destroy foreign and abnormal tissue.

Super M.I.C. Injections help to suppresses appetite and may lower cholesterol. Lastly, the ingredients of Super M.I.C. Injections are known to increase energy levels, which may enhance mood, vitality and overall health.

SUPER MICC Injections


Methionine: an essential amino acid and belongs to the group of lipotrophic agents. These increase the removal of fat within the liver, preventing an excess of fat buildup throughout the body. Methionine appears to relieve fatigue and promotes healthy skin and nails.


ask has a mild life a atrophic agent. It also transports and removes fat from the liver similar to other amino acids.


helps catalyze fat breakdown during metabolism. It also breaks down cholesterol and the body by aiding in the transport of fats through smaller vascular channels. Choline appears helpful for improving fatigue.


is a mineral that is not produced in the body but is required for certain metabolic processes. Chromium is vital in regulating carbohydrate metabolism and body sugar levels. Chromium lowers blood cholesterol while mildly raising good cholesterol. Chromium decreases carbohydrate cravings while stabilizing blood sugar.

B12 (Cyanocobalamin):

is a Energy vitamin, Helping to decrease fatigue. Vitamin B 12 may function as a mile diuretic to prevent fluid retention. It stimulates the utilization of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates in the body.

This combination helps your body cope with the high protein, no carbohydrate diet during your initiation phase. During this phase the body uses up carbohydrates (sugars), by breaking down glycogen which is stored in the liver and in muscle tissue. Glycogen is important for Energy. It is primarily used in the first minutes –hour during exercise. This is the physiology behind potential fatigue. This MICC injection is used to provide relief of the above.


The BHCG diet as originally formulated by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, MD in the 1950’s is a very unique medical treatment for obesity and also an extremely efficient way to lose weight rapidly if you are simply overweight. The only commonality it has with other diets is that it is low calorie (for only a brief period of time). All similarities stop there. It is a biological, hormonally-based diet that is very well researched. It’s safe, efficient and practical.  Most importantly, it positions one in a unique physiological and psychological way to maintain the weight loss.

There are many unique features to the program. It is short term and employs tiny doses of the pregnancy hormone HCG (the hormone you check in a urine pregnancy test) that both effectively dissolves unwanted fat and at the same time blunts your appetite by acting directly on the feeding center in your brain. Weight loss is quite rapid and hunger is usually minimal or non-existent. Because of the biological mechanism that gets triggered, one’s metabolism gets jump-started and you will likely see a reduction in fat from those extremely difficult areas, like hips and thighs. This also makes it much easier to keep the weight off.

Your body structure will reshape itself during the few weeks on the program. Most people who have tried the HCG diet are amazed at how rapidly the pounds come off. It is remarkably efficient. Average weight loss over the course of the program is two thirds to three quarters of a pound per day, so a 28-day program easily brings about a 15 to 20 pound weight loss if you have that much to lose.