Bioidentical Hormone Treatment

Bioidentical Hormone Treatments for Women & Men

Hormone imbalances can begin to be experienced at the age of 30 and almost always by men and women over the age of 40.

As aging occurs, the endocrine glands, which include the ovaries, uterus, testicles, thyroid, adrenals, and pituitary glands begin to lose their ability to produce vital hormones. Because the hormones secreted from these glands all maintain countless bodily functions, men and women may begin to notice drastic changes that occur with aging and hormonal decline.

As a result of hormone imbalance, you may be experiencing one or a combination of what have become known as the classic symptoms of aging:

Weight Gain

Limited Energy

Hair Loss

Low Sex Drive


Mood Swings


Poor Concentration


for Men


for Women

If symptoms like these have begun to affect your quality of life, you could be a candidate for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy…

  • Waking up in the mid-portion of the night
  • Unable to fall asleep
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Increased susceptibility to infections
  • Midday Fatigue
  • Reduced tolerance for stress
  • Craving for sweets and salty foods
  • Allergies to things you were never allergic to before
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • A tendency to feel cold

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has forever changed the way that women and men age. By balancing the body’s hormones, bodily systems can function at optimal levels and restore our biology physically, emotionally and mentally to a more youthful state. With accurate testing, and medical supervision, we will discover your current hormone levels. And then, using a combination of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, nutrition plans and fitness guidance, Dr. Sonn can help you achieve natural hormone balance and feel better than you’ve felt in years.

You’ll feel younger and more energized with balanced hormones!

Once your hormones are naturally balanced, you’ll feel much better. You’ll feel younger, more energized and more emotionally settled. Hormonal balance can have an effect on other efforts to improve your health, as well – when your hormones are optimally balanced, you’ll see much greater benefits to eating right and exercising!

Balancing your hormones is a crucial step to attaining optimal overall health. Hormones are the chemical messengers of your body, so when they’re properly balanced and functioning, all of you body systems work more smoothly.

Benefits of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Bioidentical hormones are most commonly prescribed to treat symptoms of hormonal imbalance in women and men, such as hot flashes, night sweats, loss of libido, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings, and irritability. Many doctors believe that women and men who opt for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) instead of undergoing conventional (synthetic) hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will experience fewer adverse reactions. The side effects of BHRT are usually mild if present at all.

Many patients opt for BHRT because it is not a one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare. Each bioidentical hormone prescription is custom-compounded, based on each patient’s individual diagnostic results, making bioidentical hormones safer and more effective in comparison to conventional (synthetic) hormones.
We provide state-of-the-art blood, urine, and saliva testing in order to accurately assess each patient’s hormone levels. Based on this evaluation, Dr. Sonn partners with the patient to review labs, symptoms, and lifestyle factors in an effort to develop a comprehensive treatment plan. We will help you achieve hormone balance and improve overall health, through tailored treatment plans that may include a combination of bioidentical hormone therapy, targeted supplementation, lifestyle strategies, and other advanced therapies.

Some of the benefits of using bioidentical hormones include

  • Reduced risk of osteoporosis and improved bone density
  • Reduced incidence of hot flashes and vaginal dryness
  • Better maintenance of muscle mass and strength
  • Improved cholesterol levels
  • Reduced risk of endometrial and breast cancer
  • Reduced risk of depression
  • Improved sleep
  • Better mood, concentration and memory
  • Allergies to things you were never allergic to before
  • Improved libido
  • Reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Bioidentical Hormones vs. Synthetic Hormones

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) uses hormones that are identical to the body’s endogenous hormones to replenish what the body cannot produce.

Conventional (synthetic) hormones do not structurally match the hormones produced by the human body. Conventional hormones contain tiny molecular differences that causes the body to recognizes them as foreign substances. For this reason, synthetic estrogen-replacement drugs increase the risk of several potentially fatal diseases, especially when combined with progestin, the synthetic form of progesterone.

In 2002, a large-scale study known as the Women’s Health Initiative (WHI) revealed that postmenopausal women who used a combination of synthetic estrogen and progestin had a higher risk of breast cancer, coronary artery disease, stroke, and blood clots. In response to this alarming news, many doctors immediately recommended that patients stop synthetic HRT. The following year, statistics revealed that breast cancer rates overall dropped about 7 percent and estrogen-sensitive breast cancers (which are more likely to occur when estrogen levels are high) among women ages 50-69 fell 12-percent.

Bioidentical hormones can be produced to replace any of the several types of hormones deficiencies and can be individualized for the needs of your patients. The various delivery methods available for BHRT include intra-dermal patches, foam, creams, oral, sublingual troches, and implantable pellets. Therefore the dosing can be individualized to the patient and can be delivered in a readily absorbable and gradual rate. There are very few side effects associated with these hormones as compared to pharmaceutical synthetic hormones and can flow easily through the steroid pathway and interact seamlessly to produce balancing of these hormones through supplementation.

Advantages of bioidentical over synthetic hormones:

  • Bioidentical hormones are individualized, well tolerated with few side effects.
  • Bioidentical hormones can be incorporated in a number of delivery systems which allow for controlled absorption and regulate blood hormone levels at a steady rate.
  • Non-bioidentical hormones contain animal hormones and are not controlled in the way that they bind to hormone receptors.
  • Non-bioidentical hormones have numerous side effects and poor patient compliance due to varied side effects.
  • Non-bioidentical hormones cannot flow through the steroid pathway as do our endogenous precursor steroids.
  • Bioidentical testosterone, estradiol, and progesterone are FDA approved, Estriol is not FDA approved for BHRT.