Florida Medical Marijuana – Qualifying Conditions

Summary of Florida Medical Marijuana Qualifying Conditions:

As we described the process to to obtain a Florida medical marijuana card , a few things need to be considered for passing the Florida Medical Marijuana Qualifying conditions. These conditions need to be fulfilled because the grant of the marijuana medical card relies on it. Without meeting the legal requirements for the medicinal marijuana and not be able to be medically qualified, the card will not be granted. One or more than medical condition needs to be fulfilled.
florida medical marijuana qualifying conditions epilepsyAs per the constitution, some of the diseases that qualify the patient to be eligible for the marijuana treatment are Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Epilepsy, Muscle spasms, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or any disease that the physician may find suitable for the treatment.

The reason why the state is lenient towards these diseases is based on the beneficial effects along with the promising cure. The most important aspect that combines marijuana and these common forms of diseases is the amount of research that this subject can provide but also medically proven results.

Cancer, although medically speaking, marijuana doesn’t directly affect the tissues or manage to kill the cancerous cells, but marijuana has been verified by the ACS (American Cancer Society) as a form of treatment to subdue the effects of chemotherapy. It is entirely safe to say that the usage of Marijuana can help the cancer patients to be relieved of the struggling pains they face due to chemotherapy and other methods of treatments.

While HIV/AIDS is perhaps the most feared disease ever to have been formed in mankind’s history, marijuana does find its way to some parts of the disease. Research, done under National Institute of Health, reveals that the usage of Marijuana can assist in preventing HIV based nerve damage. In a more astonishing event, the usage of marijuana can help restrain the reproduction of HIV.

In mental diseases such as PSTD, Marijuana has played a very useful role as it has been referred to as a therapeutic drug. In the simplest words, Marijuana helps overcome the deficits caused by the PSTD which is the lack of Endocannabinoid. With the support of marijuana, these shortcomings can be easily overcome.

Muscle spasms have been famously known to be cured by the usage of Marijuana. Marijuana and its induction of relaxed motor effect caused in the body help the patient feel heaved and comfortable which helps patient move quickly as his/her muscles are calmed by the usage of Marijuana.

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