Florida Medical Marijuana Card – The Process

What is the process to obtain a Florida medical marijuana card ?

florida medical marijuana card fort myersMarijuana based treatment has a promising future and is without a doubt had gained popularity in treating certain health conditions and diseases. Many countries have legalized the usage of Marijuana, and just recently, the state of Florida has been granted the authority to let residents obtain and consume marijuana for medical purposes. This means that any patient who wishes to get treated with Medical Marijuana can do so with a few steps requiring simple identification info and the verification of a qualifying condition. Once the process is completed, the patient will be permitted to use marijuana for medicinal purposes.
To obtain a Florida Medical Marijuana Card, you must go through a series of processes which will determine your eligibility as a marijuana patient. This allows the State of Florida to ensure that the marijuana is being used only for the medicinal purpose and for the sake of the patient’s health only. The process for obtaining the marijuana medical card goes as follows:

  • The patient needs to be at least 18 years old. Teenagers and children do not fall eligible for this treatment.
  • The patient should be the resident of the state of Florida which will be verified by the Florida I.D. This will be used to verify the citizen. Any patient outside the state will have to produce I.D, bank statement, driver’s license, utility bill or any proof of the U.S citizenship to confirm the citizen’s identity.
  • The patient should be in a state where he/she is marked debilitated and rendered exhausted by the consulting physician. In addition to this, the patient should be a patient under treatment of the consulting physician for at least three months before applying for the application.
  • The patients will have to register themselves with the Florida Department of Health (DOH).
  • The patient must have gone through all the possible treatments that could not help him/her with his/her disease.

Want to Know if a Florida Medical Marijuana Card is Right For You?

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●    Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Sonn at Iona Health & Wellness.  Call (239)689-6820.  $175 initial appointment fee applies.

●    Register with Florida Dept. of Health.  $75 fee applies. Could take up to 8 weeks to process.

●    Follow Up Appointments every 45 days with Dr. Sonn. $85 fee applies.

●    Renew MJ License each year for $75

Florida Medical Marijuana Card

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